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Under The Sea & Blemish Be Gone Results. This customer made a total switch to our natural products and has cleared acne, skin blemishes, and has added a natural glow to her skin.

Energy Bar Results! Dry, itchy dermatitis patch treated and eliminated.

Energy Bar Results with 6 months of consistent use! Severe eczema treated and eliminated on a toddler. Toddler no longer utilizes topical creams or steroids.

Energy Bar Results within 9 days

Black Beauty & Blemish Be Gone acne treatment regimen within a week of use. Acne, inflammation, and scarring reduced.

Mellow Bar results. Blemish eliminated with improved skin elasticity.

Black Beauty and Energy Bar results in 2 days of use. Blemish eliminated and toning of skin.

Under The Sea Results. Acne treatment and healthy, hydrated, glowing, skin.

H.O.T bar results on a baby. Severe dermatitis flare up eliminated.